Inna-2018-websiteMy name is Inna Gogina; I created this e-Portfolio as a culmination experience for graduation from the San Jose Staté University MLIS program in fall 2016. While in training, I focused my studies on information organization, digital services, and emerging technologies. I am particularly interested in the theories and practices related to creation and management of digital collections, the intellectual property of digital collections and online multimedia, the use of digital archives in education, and digital partnerships between libraries, archives, museums, and educational institutions.

I work at USC Shoah Foundation, University of Southern California. The Shoah Foundation was established by Steven Spielberg in 1994. I have worked there since 1999 in a variety of capacities, including assistant production coordinator, cataloger and indexer of the Visual History Archive, coordinator of international programs, international digital education associate, and, currently, archivist. I managed 12 international portals on the USC Shoah Foundation website  and co-managed design of Institute’s online educational platforms and online delivery of educational multimedia resources produced by the Institute and its partners. I have extensive experience with Drupal, WordPress, and custom-coded websites, and have recently assumed a role of course designer on Canvas. I continuously improve my skills in website design and scripting languages.

Prior to my work at the USC Shoah Foundation, I taught Latin and Russian languages at Sumy State University (1992-1999) and Sumy State A.S. Makarenko Pedagogical University (1987-1992) in Ukraine.

I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Classical Philology from Moscow State University, Russia, a master’s degree in Public Administration from California State University, Northridge, and a MLIS degree from San Jose Staté University.

My résumé: Resume_InnaGogina_2018

Samples of my work

Hobbies and interests

To pursue my interest in archives, I began contributing to the International Directory of National Archives project while in my last MLIS semester, in fall 2016, and continued being part of the team in spring 2017. The Directory is slated for publication in 2018. My contributions include entries dedicated to the national archives of Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

teapotsI love to travel, garden, and watch cooking shows by Julia Child, Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa), and Nigella Lawson. Originally from Ukraine, I enjoy cooking, both Ukrainian food and recipes from other cultures. I love tea and have a small collection of personal teapots. Lilacs, African violets, European jasmine, and citrus trees are my favorite plants. My favorite genre in music is symphonic rock, e.g. Within Temptation.

As a classicist, I am interested in history, culture, and poetry of Hellenism. I am especially impressed about the fact that it had no dark ages. “Eastern Hellenism, unlike its Western counterpart, had no renaissance, because it had no dark ages,” Peters notes. “There is a straight linear progress from the death of Alexander in B. C. 323 to the fall of Constantinople in the fifteenth Christian century” (1970, p. 23). My first master’s thesis was dedicated to Hellenistic poetry. In it, exploring the epigram genre, I compared works of Callimachus and Leonidas of Tarentum. I still have the Russian-language manuscript of my thesis and plan on translating it into English and then publishing it in a scholarly journal.

I am passionate about the history of libraries. While in the MLIS LIBR 240 class, I hand-codecat_smd a website, LAPL Landmarks. It is dedicated to the historic buildings of the branches in the Los Angeles Public Library system that are placed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Finally, as a true librarian carrying on the centuries-old tradition of the relationship between cats and libraries, I have a cat. Actually, the cat used to belong to my daughter, but somehow she wound up living with me and I don’t think she minds it a bit. 🙂


Peters, F. E. (1970). The harvest of Hellenism. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.