Welcome to the e-Portfolio of Inna Gogina! This is a culmination project toward the completion of my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at San José State University. From spring 2013 through fall 2016 I have completed the following courses, aimed at accomplishing all core MLIS competencies, also known as SJSU MLIS program learning outcomes:

Course Competencies
LIBR 200. Information and Society A, B, C, L
LIBR 202. Information Retrieval E, G, J
LIBR 203. Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools E, H, M
LIBR 204. Information Organizations and Management D, M, N
LIBR 210. Reference and Information Services I, N
LIBR 240. Information Technology Tools and Applications (HTML 5, CSS3, XML/XSLT, JavaScript, PHP) E, G, H
INFO 241-10, 11, 12. Automated Library Systems H, I
LIBR 246. Information Technology Tools and Applications – Topic: Learning to use Drupal and Understanding Content Management Systems (CMS) E, G, H
LIBR 248. Beginning Cataloging and Classification G
LIBR 249. Advanced Cataloging and Organization of Information G
INFO 250. Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals – Topic: Instructional Design Non K-12 Focus J, K, M, N
INFO 281. Seminar in Contemporary Issues – Topic: Metadata E, F, G
INFO 284. Seminar in Archives and Records Management – Topic: Encoded Archival Description (EAD3, DTD, XML Schema) G, H
LIBR 284. Seminar in Archives and Records Management – Topic: Digitization and Digital Preservation F, G, N
INFO 289. Advanced Topics in Archives and Records Administration (e-Portfolio) This course supports all MLIS competencies

The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate my mastery of all program learning outcomes (15 core competencies) for the degree before graduation. It is organized into an Introduction, statement of my Professional Philosophy (including Competency O), Competencies A through N, Conclusion, and Affirmation. In addition, I have included the About page, where I provide a brief self-introduction, my résumé, and a few samples of my work.

In the statement of Professional Philosophy, I provide an overview of my academic and professional background, and my conception of librarianship as it relates to the specific type of library profession in which I intend to pursue a career—the blended librarianship. I describe my professional goals, and the relationship of these goals to the items in my e-Portfolio. Here, I also discuss my understanding of the final competency O: “contribute to the cultural, economic, educational and social well-being of our global communities,” and demonstrate my mastery of this competency.

Competencies A through N can be accessed from the MLIS Competencies menu item in the top navigation bar. Each competency essay starts with the definition of the competency and the explanation of its importance to the profession as a whole. Further, I discuss the coursework and the work experience that prepared me for understanding and being able to perform the competency. I present and discuss each piece of evidence I selected—why I selected this evidence and how it demonstrates my competency and the skills and knowledge I learned. Finally, I discuss how I can apply my skills and knowledge in the future to different work situations or information environments.

In my Conclusion statement, I include my reflections on my MLIS program, a discussion of my strengths, a professional growth plan, and my final comments and conclusions.

In the Affirmation section, I provide a statement regarding the originality of my work, protection the privacy of the contents of my e-Portfolio, and respecting the privacy of others before making my e-Portfolio public.


For their support as I have completed my studies in the MLIS program, I would like to thank all my professors and instructors at San José State University, and my academic advisor, Dr. Michael Stephens. I am grateful for all the knowledge, wisdom, and experience they provided to me throughout the MLIS program, and for serving as an example of professional excellence and inspiration in my future librarianship career.