MLIS Competencies

Each graduate of the Master of Library and Information Science program is able to:

A. demonstrate awareness of the ethics, values, and foundational principles of one of the information professions, and discuss the importance of intellectual freedom within that profession;

B. describe and compare organizational settings in which information professionals practice;

C. recognize the diversity (such as cultural and economic) in the clientele and employees of an information organization and be familiar with actions the organization should take to address this diversity;

D. apply the fundamental principles of planning, management, marketing, and advocacy;

E. design, query, and evaluate information retrieval systems;

F. use the basic concepts and principles related to the selection, evaluation, organization, and preservation of physical and digital information items;

G. demonstrate understanding of basic principles and standards involved in organizing information such as classification and controlled vocabulary systems, cataloging systems, metadata schemas or other systems for making information accessible to a particular clientele;

H. demonstrate proficiency in identifying, using, and evaluating current and emerging information and communication technologies;

I. use service concepts, principles, and techniques to connect individuals or groups with accurate, relevant, and appropriate information;

J. describe the fundamental concepts of information-seeking behaviors;

K. design instructional programs based on learning principles and theories;

L. demonstrate understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods, the ability to design a research project, and the ability to evaluate and synthesize research literature;

M. demonstrate oral and written communication skills necessary for professional work including collaboration and presentations;

N. evaluate programs and services using measurable criteria;

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NOTE: See competencies mapped to the classes I have taken and to University Learning Goals.